Sunday, 20 January 2013

Vintage Aprons

Just before Christmas, my husband brought a huge bag of material for me, courtesy of his step-dad's mother.  In it were beautiful tablecloths, vintage aprons and material.  I was in the process of sorting my fabric stash and so most was organised away neatly before I had chance to take stock of it properly.  The aprons and table cloths however have sat in their bag in the kitchen awaiting a home.  After baking with the girls this week, I was inspired to share their vintage loveliness as I know I won't air them as often as they deserve.  They have inspired me to make some more though as gifts and to sell but here are the originals.

 I love the fabric on this one and the really pretty back.  It is less than flattering with my bump but will definitely be utilised later in the year.
 These overalls remind me of my nans.  Both always wore them in the home and this has had lots of wear too.  I have dirtied many a dress needlessly for want of a decent covering and now I shall have no excuse!
 This is my favourite! Green is my favourite colour but the pink flowers and frill make it so feminine.  This is the shape I hope to replicate for gifts as I know a few who will love it and their Birthday's are not too far away.

 My mum said that her first 'domestic science' class in high school was making an apron just like this.  She said each girl was then supposed to wear it for all subsequent lessons for baking/ cooking.  It is smaller than the others and so I assume that this was also designed for a school girl.  I love gingham generally and have this hanging off the corner of my kitchen dresser at the moment.
 This is a close second in the favourite stakes- note it is also green and floral!  It has a pretty neckline and curved collar at the back which I will also try to replicate for the full length aprons I attempt.
So now I have a collection of vintage tablecloths, tray cloths and napkins along with aprons.  I am stocking up for a vintage tea room.  One day perhaps :D

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