Tuesday, 28 May 2013

computer complications

My computer battery has decided to retire at the same time as my husbands charger has broken. Thus we are sharing one which doesn't hold it's charge, and since he is a student, with work due in, no less, he trumps usage. I have completed a project this week and have  pics to upload when I can sneak a look in! We have had viewings on our house this week which has required lots of my time to clean, tidy and sort not to mention our 2week old making demands on my time (not that mind his demands at all!) Lots of visitors are expected this week and thus it my be another quiet week on the posting front.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

stork delivery

As some of you know, or will have suspected, my silence over the last 2 weeks has indeed been due to the successful delivery of a little boy.  Michael Scott was born on the 9th May, weighing 8.8lbs and we are smitten!  It's easy to see why though (sounding like a true mother!)

I will be resuming my crafting asap as I have lots of things in mind although Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will mean a break from crochet or embroidery.  Meantime, I must include a few pics of the beautifully crafted presents we have received for our wee one, although the pics DO NOT do them justice.

A gorgeous crochet blanket of 4 large squares in a blue/white mix wool made by a mum I met through the crafty parents group I attend.  This is a perfect size for his cot and already a hit as he can wrap his fingers through the holes. Thankyou Dani!
And then 2 knitted jumpers and a cardigan for this 1st size made by a good friend Lisa.  He has sported one in his 1st 5 days of life and was very well received by all who saw and cuddled him- including my Dad who doesn't comment (or at least, hardly ever!)

 I will add my own creations once completed :D