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Hi, I'm Katie; wife to Les and mother to Fiona (6) and Lydia (4) and Michael (2).  We lived in Cheshire but moved to Malvern Worcestershire in July 2013.  Did I mention...

I love crafts- specifically sewing, so on this blog there will be links to the projects I am attempting and links to crafty things that have caught my eye- books, magazines, other blogs or fairs.  My husband shares a love of antiques and vintage so he is my willing driver to fairs and markets and also a keen shopper which I shall also aim to document.

I'm a Christian and go to 'The Source' church here in Malvern which is an Elim Pentecostal church and I'm involved with the children's work.  I also volunteer at my daughter's Rainbows group once a week.  Prior to having Michael I was a teacher but I'm now a stay at home mummy. I enjoy reading, going to the theatre, visiting National Trust/ heritage sites and in the last year I have begun playing netball again.  Some of these other interests will, from time to time, creep in.  Over the last few years of writing this blog, there have been periods where I haven't written any posts.  I will try to post at least once a week even if it is brief.  We moved house 6 months ago and so we're still in the process of making it our home so I will have lots of crafted things to share that I have made and purchased in this venture.  We're also working on the garden and this is a totally new area to me so I imagine I will post about that too.

Happy reading :D

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