Thursday, 23 January 2014

stationary state

Another bout of illness, in the form of tonsillitis has induced me into a stationary state, again. Booooo I am really missing crafting which I suppose is why I am enjoying others' craftiness at the moment, specifically photography.  Social Media alerted me to the work of this creative genius;

This is one of my favourite shots!

Another photographer I was made aware of was from this link:

I couldn't pick between these pics so I've uploaded both.  The first I love as the little boy reminds me of my own sweet Mikey with similar coloured hair with curls, and I also love ducks.

This 2nd picture encompasses an emotion within my own children and one I remember myself which the mother has captured so beautifully (even if the picture has been edited, I don't really care because I think it's beautiful!)

Being ill straight after Christmas definitely leads to sentimental melancholy and thus I have looked over all my own pictures over the last year, categorising which ones I should send off to be printed and which should grace the walls, enter scrapbooks etc.  Here are a few of my own favourites from last year.

Friday, 10 January 2014

insufficient apologies

Where to begin? Apologies won't quite cover why I have been quiet so long.  I had a very busy build up to Christmas with guests coming and going and then the inevitable illnesses which, on this occasion floored me (quite literally).  I had/ have sinusitis and the swelling is putting pressure on my inner ear so lots of dizziness etc.  The worst of it came after Christmas which did allow me to enjoy the holiday before spending 4 days straight in bed unable to move for nausea.  Enough of the pity party now though eh?!  Here are some pictures which captured my Christmas.

Here is the finished advent calendar I previously posted about.  I added pieces of magnet onto the back of them cut from a long strip bought from a craft shop and then I put chocolate coins inside.

 And here is my beloved dresser.  It isn't quite as Christmassy as other years but I liked the colour theme taking place.  This is by my front door so is a nice welcome to the home.
 I love the lazy days at Christmas and they have never been better spent than the days when the kids and I sat at the table and did Christmas crafts.  I started a scrap book for them this year and have stuck in pictures, gift tags and their makes inside.  I can't fit their Christingles inside but here is a pic of the finished product in addition to some of their paintings which did make it.

Yet what would the holidays be without trips out to places like the theatre for PANTO!

 Fiona got a puppet show as one of her presents that she had to colour and assemble herself.  They were from Oxfam and a great buy.  They advise that they're suitable for approx 7 year olds but she is 5 and Lydia is 3 and they both have had great fun with it.  After having visited the pantomine, Fiona had lots of ideas for the performance.  Her audience consisted of the school bear which she was honoured with hosting for the holidays although her Nanny, Grandad, Aunt and Uncle were also treated to a special performance.  She had some help from her younger sibling too.

Some of the pre-Christmas crafts which have occupied my hands and time included making 12 meters of bunting for Fiona's School Christmas Fair, Stockings for friend's children, and nativity costumes for our Church children.

These lovely tags were made by my clever sister-in-law and will be kept for years to come (perhaps sewn onto their own stockings).