How I made these cushion covers:
 Last year, I bought a large piece of fabric from Liverpool Aberkhan's with this picture panels.  I used some for stockings, a wall hanging and this year I decided to make cushions.  So I cut the fabric into 4 along the burgundy lines.
 I measured the pieces of wadding and then sewed around the borders to secure the wadding to the front.

 I bought an old duvet cover from a charity shop which was worn in parts but the sections which were plain green toned in well with the other colours in the panel.  I decided to do an envelope back as covers are easier to pack away than complete cushions and can simply cover everyday cushions for the festive period.  To do this, I cut 2 pieces of green material which when placed together like this, overlapped comfortably with seam allowance to create an opening for the cushion to be inserted.  I thought the strip of red from the large panel piece would be a nice finishing touch to the back here and cut 4 sections for each cushion cover.  I turned over the edges of the green fabric and then sewed on the red piece.
To finish, I cut 4 strips of the green fabric to create a border around the front panel and co-ordinate with the green on the back.  I pinned them in place and then sewed them down.  With right sides facing each other, I sewed all around the outside of the 3 pieces ensuring the back pieces were straight and that the envelope would be able to fit a cushion through easily.
Here are the finished products- they fit an 18' cushion although when placed next to each other they look different sizes due to the different border size :s  I realise I must pay more attention to the measuring of borders and not sew more than 1cm seam allowance!

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