Monday, 31 March 2014

Hobbycraft Stitch and Fashion Exhibition at the NEC

I had hoped to have been able to write more on the exhibition before now but what a week! Job interview on Monday and then a few days of waiting to hear back, to hearing I didn't get the position although the feedback was great.  I am happy to stay at home with my little ones for an extra year perhaps but then the eldest has had a sickness bug and baby is teething so it has been an up and down week.  Today was my niece's birthday so all my family are visiting (well minus my eldest nephew) but a lovely day with all the little ones playing together.  So these images now seem like a long time ago!  These are the 4 Seasons although the fantasy section was also fantastic with faeries, dragons, unicorns and all other mythical creatures.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I haven't written in over a month.  For a girl with my Irish talkative genes, that is unusual and I can't account the lack of blogging to any one thing but a series of lots of little things going on.  I am applying for jobs again and have an interview next week but the applications are very time consuming.  My lecturing has been taking up precious time in the evenings and my little man is crawling which bring his destruction ability to an all new level.  We've had lots of Dr's appointments including nasty injections fr  my 3 year old and physio for my back. I also have sticky keyboard on this computer and so typing is taking double the time with having to go back and add extra letters for many many typo's (apologies if I miss any).This post is just a quick one to say I shall be renewing my efforts next week and hope to be back sharing my creative makes and finds.  I am going to the NEC this Saturday for the creative stitch and hobbycraft event.  I'm SO excited and will be snappy happy.  I am sure I will be bursting with pictures to share and perhaps a few purchases (hopefully some freebies!)  I have my interview Monday though so it may be midweek before I post again.  But I have a few projects on the go which I will get some more pics of to also share. One day soon, I will have a real blogger day  of trying t make this site bit more snazzy with links to previous makes/ finds and begin a links section to my favourite blogs and of course, pinterest.  I am LOVING 'Great British Sewing Bee' and have it recorded and saved to go back to- I particularly want to make a wrap around dress an have the Jersey cotton ready and also dungarees for my lil Man- I say little but he's enormous!  (10 months and almost in 18-24 month clothes- had a height/weigh check last week and his length is well above the 100% centile line)  This is a crafty blog however so no more on my wonderful bairns!  I'll sign off with a picture I took a few weeks back of a Rainbow taken while I was locked out of the flat with the 3 kids in tow