Thursday, 23 January 2014

stationary state

Another bout of illness, in the form of tonsillitis has induced me into a stationary state, again. Booooo I am really missing crafting which I suppose is why I am enjoying others' craftiness at the moment, specifically photography.  Social Media alerted me to the work of this creative genius;

This is one of my favourite shots!

Another photographer I was made aware of was from this link:

I couldn't pick between these pics so I've uploaded both.  The first I love as the little boy reminds me of my own sweet Mikey with similar coloured hair with curls, and I also love ducks.

This 2nd picture encompasses an emotion within my own children and one I remember myself which the mother has captured so beautifully (even if the picture has been edited, I don't really care because I think it's beautiful!)

Being ill straight after Christmas definitely leads to sentimental melancholy and thus I have looked over all my own pictures over the last year, categorising which ones I should send off to be printed and which should grace the walls, enter scrapbooks etc.  Here are a few of my own favourites from last year.

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