Monday, 3 February 2014

Getting Organised

I posted pics a while back of a cabinet I was working on for my craft room.  Well my 'sewing space' has been very cold and damp which meant I couldn't spend much time down there and then it was messy and I couldn't justify sorting it out until the rest of the flat was sorted.  A visit from the Landlord resulted in lots of new heaters, windows and painting being done thus I have finally started getting myself organised.  We are not all completely well so the process is still a little slower than I would like and it is amidst weaning the little man and going back to work.  However, progress I have made and here are some pics!

The said £20 cabinet/cupboard.

My choice of paint- possibly not the best paint as it was gloss and I would have preferred a chalk finish but it did the job (4 coats though!)

I admit I began to panic at this point as the paint looked very thin.  But 3 more coats and I was happier.  I decided to add some gold painted detail around the window panes for a little lift and am contemplating some stencilled golden birds and foliage up the sides in true Victorian fashion.

It's current place in my sewing room filled with fabric (what is left of my stash after a huge ruthless clear out)

This is yet to be properly organised but the box in the middle has my collection of Mollie Makes gifts which I will eventually get round to making up.  They're so pretty that I haven't wanted to attempt them but end up ruining them.  I also have my dressmaking patterns in my mum's old sewing basket (right) and the pink box contains my ribbons which are too nice to remain under a lid (left).

How my sewing room looks today.  More pics to come when I finish decorating it (and tidying!)

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