Thursday, 17 January 2013

new project page

Just a very short post to say I have created a separate Project 52 page with this weeks' creation.
It will be a page in a fabric journal which I hope to complete during this project.  It was done using potato prints and fabric paints.  

I forgot to say in the previous post that this project is supposed to be a challenge and so I will be trying new skills and creating different finishes.  I've been looking through my books to highlight potential projects and found these so far: 
 I love folk art and am hoping to use these as inspiration for something.  I may do some hand embroidery or machine sew some of these intricate patterns.
 I just love these and may combine making these covers with the toggle cushions (below) to create a large padded mat/ bumper for baby number 3.
 I have begun crocheting squares but have only completed 2 using different colours.  I bought new wool this week in white and turquoise and plan to make a blanket using granny squares.  If i feel particularly confident, I may even add some flowers as on the beautiful image below.
 I have wanted to make these for AGES!  I bought little bells to go inside and have the stuffing.  Now just the tape measure, scissors and fabric scraps :D

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