Saturday, 5 January 2013

Crafty Christmas Presents

It's a good sign, I'm sure, when your friends and family buy you things that demonstrate they really know you.  This Christmas, I was bought A LOT of craft related presents from books, to kits, and a vast set of crafting knives- scalpels actually.  (This too was a good sign that it is not expected that I am a danger to myself in any way as this is not a collection to leave around children, the clumsy or aforementioned 'those likely to be a danger to oneself').  I hope to include images of some of the items I make as a result of those gifts but despite my last post about Pinterest being fantastic (which it still is), I shall not ever lose my love of books.  Here are a few pics of the books that were presents and one or two of the ideas within that I hope to attempt soon.  (Check out the 'What Katie Did' Page for a new post on my latest creations inspired by the Mollie Makes Christmas book).
So this was a present to me from me before Christmas as it was at a discount price for subscribers to their magazine.  I hadn't been sure whether or not to buy it until I saw it at a craft Fair and loved the ideas.  I am not disappointed!  The first picture here is of a lovely paper garland concept which requires sewing through the centre of a few paper stars to then fold them outwards.  I have deliberately not taken close ups as I do not want to offend any copy writing laws/ etiquette etc!

 Another lovely book- this time a gift from a fellow crafter, with some projects to attempt- always a good inspiration even if projects are similar to other books, as a different choice of material or ribbon can make a once dismissed project seem more appealing.
I'm not really able to wear a belt at present- my 5 month baby bump looking more like an 8 month bump (I kid you not!)  But I love this for jazzing up a simple A line dress for one of my girls- probably the eldest.  By the time I get round to it, I may have had the baby and be back in belts too- perfect for summer gypsy dresses and cowboy boots methinks.
 I will, one day soon, learn the joy of knitting.  I began to knit around the same time I learned to crochet, and like many busy mum's, I preferred the speed that crochet offered!  It was so much faster and less awkward- I have since heard that those who can't knit, crochet!  I am in that category but will master knitting, if only to complete the lovely knit your own lion teddy I have been bought and to attempt some of the projects in this new book!
Such as this!  I know I will only be able to get this on a child while they are little so I better get learning!  (They also have a pattern for gorgeous tank tops in here with stripes on the back and stars on the front for boys or hearts on the front for girls- i foresee Christmas knitting for their nanny :D)
 My husband did get a very strong hint in this direction but he was very thoughtful in that he chose 'Tilda's Spring Ideas' as he knows I have copious amounts on Autumn and Winter things and that we will be coming into Spring so i will be more likely to make things i- keeping with the season.  I actually think that it was Tone Finnanger's book 'Sew Pretty Home-style  that started me sewing again a few years ago.  I found her book in the library and then kept it for months as I was so inspired. I made a few things from that book and then asked my husband for more of her stuff as I did not own any.  And he did :D
 It was very difficult choosing just one of her projects to show you so I went for the first that grabbed me.  I have made little purses before, but look at the beautiful detail she adds with the gorgeous materials!  I will most definitely be trying these soon!

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