Saturday, 5 January 2013

Inspired presents

Most years I will make some presents and buy others.  I often combine a bought present with something else as not all appreciate the time etc. and assume the only reason people make presents is to save money.  These are usually, I have found, people who do not craft themselves.  However, this year, i  was inspired by these Vintage stockings in Mollie Makes Christmas book.
There are 3 friends who I often make for (being the appreciate kind) and then add extra bits to and so this offered the perfect opportunity to make them each a stocking and fill it with goodies.  Whilst my stockings may not be as stylish as the above, I was nevertheless pleased (as were my friends).

I filled them with M&S smellies, a mini bottle of wine, Christmas socks, chocolate, hot chocolate and they were supposed to have candles in too which were absently left out :s 
After completing these, I decided to do more for some of my other friends too.  Perhaps it's an idea for future Christmas fairs hmmmm...

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