Wednesday, 9 January 2013

new favourite blog

In my addiitction to/ obsession with Pinterest, I have been directed to lots of other sites including other bloggers.  This is the latest one I have been directed to and LOVE it!  She is a 'Mommy by day and crafter by night'.  Her attention to detail is admirable and inspirational.  I often rush things like ironing but when I see her work, it makes me appreciate the difference the extra care makes.  It's not just this though, I love her choice of fabric in addition to nearly every project being relevant to my life too (mostly baby related with odd skirts for her girls thrown in).  Did i mention that she is a fan of pom poms and ric rac and all other lovely trimmings?!  I strongly recommend you take a look :D

The one that has really caught my eye is her carseat canopy.  Since our new baby will be born around May, a canopy will be a good accessory for those unexpected British summery days when I know I'm only likely to have one blanket with me to cover baby.  I may get to work on this idea soon :D  Here are some of the pics.   I've deliberately only included a few without stealing her tutorial so that you will look for yourself- go on, you won't be disappointed!

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