Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Project 52

I have wanted to do this for a while and with being ill at the very start of the year I am slightly late but I believe there's time to make up yet!  Project 52 is basically a challenge to make one new things each week- okay so it started off (not with me!) as Project 365, but even without a baby on the way, I seriously doubt I could fine time every day to do something crafty.  I may need to take a break in April/ May when the baby arrives but then again I may be able to cope with one or 2 crochet hats or perhaps a scrapbook of the baby's first days- but I'm getting ahead of myself- let's deal with this delayed week!  I will start a new page so that normal blogs aren't absorbed into my crafting challenge but may talk about them from time to time.
Such as now; the first task is based around the woodland walks I have been taking most days when dropping my eldest to school.  The youngest has really appreciated the little birds and squirrels in the woodland area of our Park and so I have been thinking of making her a woodland related book but then I saw this:
Combined with an article I saw a few issues back in Mollie makes of this little fella (designed by another blogger I love, Katie of 'skunkboy blog'):
I created a little woodland mat/ scene with characters which all fold into a small bag.  I've backed it with a wipe clean material which means they can play with it on grass- perhaps at a picnic, or more likely, a sticky table in a cafe/ restaurant while we wait for our food!  Here's a sneak peek of the finished product before I upload the full account on the separate page.

Watch this space for the fuller details and my second project since we're already into week 2 of January 2013!

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  1. love it :) really really love it - think u should copyright it tho V xx