Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Christmas bites

A month after all the Christmas dinner preps were starting, I decided to make Turkey and stuffing meatballs.  A friend of ours and excellent traditional cook told me of this recipe and said they had been described as little Christmas bites- and she is dead right.  Both my parents are Irish and no Christmas dinner was ever complete without a 'Ham' so I also added some bacon to my meatballs and served them with Cranberry sauce. 
  I wasn't brave enough to repeat the whole 10 veg spread that we usually have on Christmas day, but did use up the last of the goose fat for roasties, the last of the cranberry sauce and also the last packet of stuffing.

 I rolled the meatballs around 1 o'clock and although you are supposed to put them back in the fridge to set for a while, I fried them in the pan straight away as I wanted them to have maximum cooking time.
After browning them in the pan, I made up a gravy and placed them all in the slow cooker.
  4 hours later, I did the rest of the veg and have to apologise for the last picture as I started eating in hunger and eagerness, forgetting to get a picture first! So there is a bite out of a roastie and a meatball missing from my plate :$ oops.  It was delicious mmmmm

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