Wednesday, 28 November 2012

December is nigh

This was supposed to be a short post as I have a lovely bath waiting for me and one child threatening to come down and ruin it, However I find I don't know how to stop once I've started.  I am writing now though as I didn't want to leave it another day before writing an update.

Since December is nigh, my mind has been focused on the pending festivities.  Part of the preparation required for Christmas to run smoothly this year has been to de-clutter!  After leaving my job of 7 years (teaching), I had accumulated a LOT of stuff (teaching files etc) which came home with me but didn't exactly find a home.  We also had a friend move in and all the things from our 'spare room' moved out- again, to no specific home.  These items have floated chaotically around the house- not in a Mary Poppins/ Sword in the Stone/ Fantasia positive kind of way, but in a magical toddler kind of way e.g. I just found a sleeve of a dress up outfit in the fridge.  
The positive side to this is that all my sewing things are now together, in one section of the same room.  There is still a mess on the other side of the room, but I see progress.  The re-jiggling of things has also meant that our garage is filling up and my Hubby has been inspired to do some runs to the tip! :D  We're very fortunate to live close to a very good household tip and really don't utilise it as often as we could.  Our local council will also be collecting our unwanted furniture and broken old dishwasher meaning the house is nearly ready to welcome all the presents that Christmas brings and then requires sorting and home finding!
The presents, of course, come towards the end of December, but the beginning marks the infiltration of Christmas decorations.  I try to get a few new items each year to add to the tradition and memories but am not strict about doing things the same way each year.  However, I was looking over my pics from last year, and really do like what we did to the staircase.  I've uploaded some pictures below.  I may replace the cones with fabric ones but this will be the general idea.  I have a few other things I am working on which I shall reveal when finished- including the new dining/sewing room layout.
P.s. At the fair, I sold all 4 cushion covers in the tutorial section :D and I have another fair on the 16th December in our local park- where there will be real, YES REAL, reindeers! Agghhhh excitement but also lots more work to do.

The little hearts I made myself and were slightly wonky but I liked them anyway.  The cones I also made using some gorgeous paper from one of those scrapbooking paper pads and the baubles opened so I filled them with chocolate Santas and coins.  It was lovely to give visitors a parting sweet of choice; candy cane or chocolate.

These are also creations I am proud of but they took a VERY long time.  I have made more this year but changed the colour schemes.  I didn't take as long with them and I think the finish suffers.  Looking at there inspires me to do them properly again, but not until next year!

Some more little handmade tree decorations.  These were a combination of green felt and scraps of Christmas craft cotton.  They coordinated with the wall hanging and cushion covers.  I have also made stockings, bunting and gift bags in these fabrics this year for the fairs I've been selling at, but I will be keep these for my own tree.

My wall hanging which was in my porch last year where there was a Scandinavian red and white theme but with touches of green (and a tiny bit of Gold)- altogether very traditional in comparison to the living room tree decorated with the children in mind!

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