Tuesday, 6 November 2012

more wood work

I am having a love/hate relationship with this wood stuff.  Somethings work out great and others are just shocking.  Well, it's the lack of proper tools that is impacting on this and I have to weigh up to what extent I can justify buying more stuff for what is kind of a whim (the wood in general really is all a whim) and then something works great and I think- oooh i could make more of these.  For example, I am really pleased with how the following things have turned out.
I ordered the wooden sleighs along with little snowflakes, hearts, teapots, baubles and various other shapes.  They were where the original decision to have a go at making some door signs/ decorations came from.  So I spray painted them red and went over the 'blades' with a gold pen.  I selected pieces of wood from the free stash and painted them blue at the top, and white at the bottom to create a winter sky.  I sprayed them with glitter and then stuck the sleigh to the wood with a gold ric rac trail coming from the sleigh.  My next job will be to write Ho Ho Ho or Jingle Bells on them and create a hoop for hanging them.  On this occasion, I feel the efforts have worked.

This was one of the larger pieces of wood in the box and I chose to use this as a sign for my stall at the craft fair (in less than 2 weeks AGHHH). While in the 'works' today, I notices they had lovely stencils including this little bird one- 4 pictures for £1.  I went around the edges with a silver pen and now just need to add Katielovescrafts.blogspot.com to encourage visitors here.  I am really pleased and think a change of background may be upcoming along these lines!

So I posted the pictures of the Christmas blocks I did in the Red, white, green and old theme and this is the other theme I am going to pursue with pale blue, white and silver.  These will be sprayed with glitter when finished too and I am pleased with them- although not perfect, I like them.  But it is these that make me think I need some proper stencils as the proportions of letters is a little too varied!

 And then there are these little baubles, which I love.  I sprayed them all red and have decorated them in different designs- 2 of each so far including these 2 and others with Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, spots & stripes.  I have tried a few different ribbons through them but don't like any yet- so it's off to the market tomorrow to find something suitable!

And then there are these pieces which my husband kindly described as looking like a kid has done them- i think he's very kind to say so but they will be getting repainted tomorrow!  I am now placing an order on ebay for some very lovely stencils I have seen!  I just hope they arrive in time for me to get some use before the craft fair :s

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