Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Craft Fair

I did my first craft fair- one I also happened to organise.  Steep learning curve, start to finish!  Overall I was quite pleased as I made more than my minimum desired amount personally and we made approx £80 for each of the groups we were supporting.  I say 'We' as even though I took the lead role in organising, some of my fellow stall owners were of immense help and I couldn't have done it without them (Ree, Tracey and Cindy particularly).  We didn't have the footfall I would have wished for but we were in competitioon with 2 other craft events in our town thhe same day/ time and the Manchester European markets opened that day too.  The advertising was done by a friend so we saved money there and managed to get in the local paper so I don't think there's much more I could have done for this first fair with the money I had available.  Enough writing though- I'll now show our pics! :D (apologies that they're small- I'm not allowed to enlarge them)
 So this was my stall.  I was disappointed with it as I had about 10 mins to set up after running around getting other things sorted.  My husband helped me but I was so tired I neglected to push my way forward.  My wall hangings blended in a little too well to the kids displays on the board behind note to self- make items STAND OUT!)

 Some of my favourite items- my quilts!  The blue one was sold early on but still attracted lots of people aand has resulted in several commissions :D

 I was dreading this stall as I know the lady who madelots of the items and knew heer to be amazing with handmade crafts.  As children, she often made us beautiful fabric covered hangers/ waterbottle covers etc.  Her items were gorgeous- especially the patchwork hanging hearts.  I was very flattered when she came over admiring my items and she even bought some :D

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