Monday, 12 November 2012

Craft Fair

A big part of the reason I have posted less than I imagined is due to the all consuming event that is the craft fair I am organising.  I have never done/ sold at a craft fair and here I am organising one!
I belong to a few different craft groups and mentioned to them that I'd like to do one but I was nervous of the approx £50 stall price.  They agreed so we thought it would be good to do a beginners one and here I am 6 weeks on and it's going to happen on Saturday.  So from the advertising through putting up posters around our town and Social Networking, we have 29 stalls- YAY!  It hasn't been without hiccups with people dropping out and not having enough tables- other events on the same day and even a bigger and better more professional) fair scheduled for the next day.  I am not concentrating on this now, but focusing on how on earth I am going to get enough stock finished before Saturday!
So this is why I have been quiet and may not get many posts in before the weekend, but I will rewrite to let you know how I get on!  I'll be taking pictures of what I've made before I sell them hopefully) so will post a few pics too.  Have I mentioned how nervous and apprehensive I am now?!  Aghhhh

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