Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas shopping and Bad weather

I have varied my Christmas shopping this year with buying a combination of handmade gifts from fairs, supporting local small businesses with purchasing lovely Christmas decorations and I've bought toys/ china from larger shops.  I will also be making quite a few presents- or at least the bag/ stocking they will be given in.  The lion share of shopping is now complete but I still have a few items left to get.  But I still haven't been to the Manchester European Markets so there's no panic!
With the very poor weather, it's hard to feel positive about shopping though and for the first time in a few years, I haven't put my tree up on the 1st :(  I've continued the de-cluttering and tidying as I really want to love the decorations and not feel like they're adding to mess!
I've taken some pics of my recent purchases; these are the decorations I bought from the Warrington Christmas Craft Fair from Saturday 1st December.  I wanted to buy more presents but I really didn't see gifts to tempt me although the inside Vintage market was beautiful again.  I was surprised and impressed at the price of items at this market- they were very reasonable-cheap even.  Enough writing, here are the pics!
 I hope to place this green star on my dresser in the kitchen as it has quite a lot of green in it-worktops etc.  These were bought from a local business who had a stall outside but also have a shop within the 'Hatter's complex'.  The shop is called Little Basket Shop and their website is http://www.littlebasketshop.org.uk/

 This Christmas tree is made of paper so I like it even more.  Unfortunately, this lady only does 2 fairs in the whole year so I will have to wait a while before having the opportunity to buy from her again.  She also made and sold gorgeous wooden plaques in the shapes of ice skates- a Victorian shaped tocking/boot but with the blade on the bottom in pale blue.  They were lovely but since I had both my daughters, I couldn't risk bringing my camera and would have had difficulty in getting the pics.  The bag above was what this was placed in and was very cute.  I shall definitely be recycling this!

I chatted to this crafter in November and really liked her products back then which are all made by her.  She makes similar items to me-the wooden plaques etc but hers are better!  I wanted to support her and these little decorations provided me with the perfect opportunity to.  She has a facebook site which is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lizs-Handmade-Gifts/249278235088873?fref=ts which shows more of her creations.

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