Monday, 31 December 2012

Here are a few pics of my handmade Christmas decorations created this year (although I didn't make the wreath).  I would have posted these earlier as I took them weeks ago but alas the flu has gripped our household with 2 firm hands and choked all the mucus out of it's residents.  There have been hospital visits, countless bottles of medicine and tablets have been taken and we're still a little rough.  So here's my attempt to remind me of what enthusiasm for Christmas felt like as I have slept through most of the actual celebrations.
Fortunately, my parents have visited and been fairy godmothers- cleaning, cooking and general nursing.  Here's hoping 2013 will be less sick filled!
I saw this in a book or magazine last year and thought 'I could do that!'  It's just some little jars/ candle holders with red tissue paper on the outside, the edge of a doily tied with a piece of string or ribbon.
  When lit up, they look so pretty and are a lovely welcome in our porch to visitors.

I also placed little painted tins in between with scented candles in to fill the porch with a festive citrussy cinnamon and clove aroma
This was a total long shot but back in September we went to our local wooded area (Delamere Forest) and I collected pine cones and thick twigs with this in mind.  I waited until December before going and getting the Holly though as I didn't want it to dry up and shrivel too early on.
I used string and wasn't shy as I knew it would be covered by the Christmassy foliage I would collect.
I didn't use gloves but if I do this again- I will.  Between the Christmas tree and this, my arms were very scratched!
More string and a few tucks fixed the Holly to the cross frame.
I then found a little robin holding mistletoe and thought it would be perfect for the middle of the hanging and perfect for hanging above the front door.  Plenty of kisses should have been exchanged only we became sick and so it was just sneezes being exchanged :(

I collected and wrapped oxo and cereal bar boxes in red and gold paper so that the tree didn't look too ceremonial!  The girls decorated it and so it was bottom heavy on the decorations.  Without electricity, I used the red beads to dress the tree which caught the candle light and made it a little sparkly 

A little touch in the kitchen.  I cut out these stockings from left over tartan and sewed them to string.  When I received lots of positive comments, I made lots more for the craft stalls.  These with my festive dresser helped to continue the decorations throughout the downstairs.
So you have a few pics of our Christmas before they all are taken down :( So depressing when everything is stripped and it's back to normal.  Although, we have plans to decorate before our new arrival in April/May so perhaps it won't look drab for long :D

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