Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Candyfloss and Cocoa

At the beginning of November, I visited the Warrington vintage craft market and discovered some great local businesses making and selling handmade goods.  I hope to create links and features to some of these to support what they are doing. But I also met some creative people who simply make as a hobby and then sell on without the aim of making lots of profit.  One such lady knitted very sweet clothes- bonnets, booties etc. which I will have cause to visit soon enough (although this next baby will be a Spring/ summer baby and not in need of too much in this way).  She did however make these adorable creatures.  I bought the hedgehog in November and then wished I had bought more.  I then revisited last week and bought the mouse to keep the little fella company and hope to buy the whole of her family as they are so cute and I have plans for them to have a photo-journal of places they visit in the coming months.  Let me introduce you to the said lovelies.

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