Monday, 10 December 2012

Winter wanderings

I walk through a park every day when I take my eldest daughter to pre-school and when the weather is clear, I like to take my camera and get some shots.  Today was a beautifully clear, crisp and bright day and so I grabbed it as I left.  Last month I had also taken some pics which I never got round to uploading so I have included them too as a demonstration of what a difference a month makes.  I feel very privileged to live so close to a great park and like to make the most of it- in all seasons!
Picture taken last month

Same two trees from a slightly different angle taken today.

November pic

November pic

November pic


 I saw this robin and wanted to get a picture but he kept flitting around and so this was the only shot I got which turned out great :D

 The squirrels are quite tame and often come very close although they scarper when the camera comes out!
 Same squirrel again but standing.  I kept hearing rustling and knew it must have been a larger animal but couldn't catch a glimpse of it.
Turns out it was a kitten and was hunting the squirrels- I didn't see him at the time but saw him when I looked at the pictures when I got home.  Can you see him in the background?

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