Thursday, 20 December 2012

Reindeer in the Park

Sincere apologies for not writing sooner.  I was very busy last week and then on Sunday wrote this post but forgot to publish it! Doh- so here it is, late :s

This has to be a short post as I am soooo tired after a full day in the park.  Setting up and taking down gazebo and stall (with lots of help from friend Sid and Father in law) adds to time and exhaustion.  I thought I'd upload the pics though while it is fresh in my mind.  It seemed to go fairly well despite not selling lots.  People stopped and commented on items positively but said they didn't have cash with them for anything other than paying for rides and food.  To say it was busy is an understatement!  The organisers thought there was over 5000 present which is a LOT for our small town but disappointing for me not to have sold more but it was more of a children's day than a craft fair.  I met more lovely people and hope to do some more events with them next year.  Enough writing for now though, sooo sleepy.
Mummy's little helper.  My Father in Law was chief babysitter allowing me to serve customers and chat!
My Stall

It all looked a bit busy so I re-juggled things as the day went on.

 A very cute hanging that I didn't sell and i don't mind at all!
These garlands were done the night before and I really love them; there were a few left and will now adorn my mirror above the fireplace I think!
Sleepy reindeers at the end of the event.  They were lovely and well natured although smaller than I'd have imagined.  It really would take a good number of them to drag a fat man and toys around the world!

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