Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Rainy days in summer

We survived the 1st week of summer holidays despite the rain.  We had a couple of mundane things like doctor's appointments but I managed to tie these in with visiting the library and signing Fiona up for the Record Breakers scheme that is running during the holidays.  We have also been swimming and revisited Birdland with friends from church which is in a lovely town called Bourton on the Water which is full of buildings made with Cotswold stone and we had a little walk around there after our visit.

During the heaviest raining periods, we have done a little painting and making.  The girls chose to make plaques for their bedroom door using the unicorn template from a sewing book and then got the idea to do gangly legs from an Usbourne craft idea book.  The bird and sheep hand painting pictures were also from this book.  I find them invaluable for the holidays as the children are better able to see the end product and this one is achievable!

Summer holidays usually conjure up ideas of barbecues and salads but in cold wet rain I couldn't resist getting out the slow cooker to fight the blues form depressing wet weather.  I also used the rain as an excuse to bake and made a lemon drizzle which is only the 2nd time I've made one.  The first attempt was a few years ago before I had a hand held mixer and the beating of the eggs left me with a sprained wrist! I felt a little silly as it is actually very easy to make; just a typical sponge cake with added lemon zest and then icing made up with lemon juice.  I used granulated sugar as suggested by Mary Berry which gives the outer edge a lovely crunch.

I have been sewing too which I will share soon and tomorrow I am going to an arts and crafts event at Eastnor Castle which I am very excited about.  Watch this space :D

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