Thursday, 23 July 2015

Summer sewing.

 I took the kids to the library today which is usually a safe place for children yet it is seriously dangerous for me! I get too many books out and forget to return them and find I incur fines where I could have simply purchased them! 

So I now try to look through them before bringing them home. I was spoilt for choice today but settled on 'Little sew&sew' and 'Cute and Easy: quilting and stitching'. I've photographed a few of my favourite projects and am hoping to do some over the next 7 weeks (in addition to recovering our suite).

I also bought some backdated copies of craft beautiful for 10p each. The magazines have a lot of paper based crafts but I like the aesthetic of the makes as they are on trend and transferable to other crafting mediums. So I have had inspiration overload over the last few days with the dressmaking blogs I found too. Perhaps I should get my machine fixed....

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