Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Funny Old Week

It's been a funny old week.  It rained which meant the garden didn't get done but 2 doors were plained and hung, curtain pole and shelf went up in addition to some little shelves in the dining room.  I tidied up my craft room and am pleased with it although there's a few extra bits of decorating that I would like to finish.

Some weeks a certain offspring may take the lime light and this week was definitely Lydia's week to shine.  She is finishing her last week in nursery and will be starting school in September.  As though something has clicked in her little mind, she has suddenly started speaking with a very posh accent as though her babyish voice and pronunciation is not appropriate any more but it has been a matter of days and she has made a startling transition.  She was very impressive at her sport's day winning her sprint but also leading many of the other events too.  My sunbeam often attracts comments about her free spirit or aura and just today a teacher in the school called her one in a million.  I must agree.

Of course Michael wanted at least one moment to shine.

My netball team was nominated for a club award so we traded our trainers for heels and went to a presentation evening on Thursday but we were runners up.  I enjoyed getting dressed up and going out with the girls though.

I managed to fit in applying for a job and then had an interview today and was appointed Chaplain and Youth Worker in a local high school/ Community centre from September.  It is very exciting but also life changing and more than a little daunting.

I have been working on a few things although none are finished yet; this is my progress so far. I saw the idea to cut the felt in a book I took out from the library years ago.

 I saw these fabric appliqué houses in a charity shop bargain book from the 70's and have adapted my own.

I'm thinking they will be part of a 'home sweet home' themed quilt eventually.

A few years back I was bought a gorgeous Cath Kidston crochet kit but found it a little tricky and somehow managed to allow 18 months to pass.  I picked it up again last week and am finding it easier and hope to have my own crochet cushion soon

I'm hoping that after a couple of days I will catch up with myself and be able to write a more detailed and cohesive post and have finished pieces to share.

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