Thursday, 16 July 2015

Teacher Gifts

End of term is an occasion to say 'Thankyou' to our children's teachers for the great job they do.  I had the idea to do something with an appliquéd apple and eventually decided on a tote bag and after looking on pinterest I decided I would create relaxation packs.  Here are the finished bags and their contents; the large one is for Fiona's year 1 teacher and the small one is for Lydia's nursery teacher.

I also saw some good ideas for cards and borrowed this one for the children to make their own presents.  Sticking with an apple theme, after typing the required text, I cut them out in the shape of apples.

I left the children to each decorate their own and write on the inside (although I did help Lydia a little).
I have been trying to do some sorting before the holiday's start and my sewing room has received some attention.  It's not quite there yet but I do like how it is progressing.  The dresser often gets lots of comments which was a bargain and was nearly disposed of when we were moving for fear of a lack of space.  

When I first began this blog, I mentioned I had created some little ladies and that I would include a picture of them but it has taken me this long to get round to it.  The blue bunny in the bottom right hand corner is where it all began when I hurt my back in 2011.  She helped me to rediscover sewing and my creativity so will always hold presence in any craft space I own.

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