Saturday, 1 August 2015

Skirts for girls

Back in February when we went to Kings Lynn, I bought some fabric at £3 a meter.  Unfortunately I only bought one metre as I thought I would use it for the comic relief crafternoon event I was organising.  However it didn't end up being used and I decided I would make some skirts for the girls instead.  I decided to attempt pleats and so measured out the intervals and then 3cm for the pleat itself.  I then measured 10cm for the pleat length making up a 15cm depth from waistband.
 Sewing them all up I had what actually looked like the beginning of a garment.  I had measured Fiona's waist and cut out a 6cm strip which would be the waist band.  I pinned it right side to right side and then folded and ironed it down using hemming tape to give a crisp straight edge.

 I also pressed the hem using the tape and then stitched it in place.  Next I added a zip and then closed the back seam together and nearly finished!  I had allowed extra length in the waistband to add a press stud at the back to keep it all closed but asked Fiona to try it on to ensure it fitted.
 There is a little stretch in the fabric and it has a velvet finish so it is very chic for a 6 year old but it's pink and flowery so she's happy!  However I had an additional little lady sulking that she didn't have a pretty skirt.  Lydia's frame is very different to Fiona's and at 4 I'm not sure she's ready for a pencil skirt so I thought I would go for an elasticated waist and a fuller gathered skirt perhaps with layers.
 I measured Lydia's waist and then doubled the measurement for the width of the fabric so it would have a full gather although this did mean a lot more hemming to sew.  After gathering the skirt and doing the hem I realised it was definitely too short to leave it as was and so cut another strip as a longer layer to go underneath.  I also cut out some black tulle and gathered it and then sewed it to the second layer.  I sewed all the layers together and then attached them to the thick black elastic.  I had to stretch this while I was sewing in order for it to hold the skirt up which was a little tricky but it worked.

The overall effect is that of a peplum rather than layers but it's very trendy looking and a huge hit.  My parents happened to bring them each pink t-shirts back from the anniversary trip to Germany which co-ordinated beautifully.

I still have to add the press stud to Fiona's skirt to help secure the fit but I am very pleased with them although I will need to go over them with my machine once it's fixed.  I may even now attempt one for myself in another fabric and although Fiona's style is more appropriate but I'd love one like Lydia's.  Perhaps I will have to make myself one of each :D

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