Monday, 10 August 2015

'Who do you shout?'

'When your tooth falls out, who do you shout?'
'The tooth fairy!'
Ah the momentous occasion in any child's life where their tooth gets wobbly and then comes out. As a parent, it was also my first time as a tooth fairy so I tried to take my role responsibly. I looked online for Photoshop packages to upload a picture of Fiona sleeping and then place a fairy in the picture digitally and print off for her to see but they all seemed to be American sites asking for subscriptions so I settled on a mini note in an envelope instead.

She was so delighted at this simple thing from being told her tooth was beautiful to the fairy being called Spritz. She is such a wee darling that she decided to spend her money on a packet of ice lollies from the supermarket so that everyone could have a treat rather than simply getting something for herself. I feel very privileged to be her momma and have a little tiny toothy treasure to hold on to now.

Happy gummy girl post tooth extraction (no time to wipe face in all the excitement!)

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