Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Welsh wonder land

This was the hotel we stayed in and it really was lovely with beautiful furniture and carved wooden features throughout.  Helpful, accommodating staff and tasty breakfast meant it was the perfect base for our anniversary adventure in Wales.  We arrived Friday night and went out for a meal at a local Indian restaurant.  The food was good but it was slow service and after the drive I was ready to sleep!

My husband had done some research and saw that Lake Vyrnwy was highly recommended and as RSPB members, it was free.  It was stunning.  We walked for hours around the lake and I took hundreds (literally over 600) of photographs as it was totally inspiring.

I also wrote several poems over the weekend- all nature related and inspired, and I can honestly say that is more than I have written since English lessons in high school.  I was very relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed our stroll.

After walking all round the lake and seeing the dam for many vantage points, we made our way back to the visitor centre where we had some lunch.

I had a ham and cheese toastie with a proper side salad that was delicious.  It gave us the boost we needed to go and view the waterfall on the other side of the Lake.

I didn't climb all the way to the top but did go half way up and attempted to capture the beauty of the colours in the stone and rushing water over them.  I was also joined by many a sheep and their lambs while hubby sat and watched pied wagtails and willow warblers on a bench below.

We left the lake quite late and had an hours drive back which meant that many of the village restaurants were closed so we had fish and chips instead which were extremely satisfying!  I had a long, much needed bath whilst my husband rang our relatives to see how the children were behaving.

On Sunday we went to an Osprey centre where my camera decided the battery had died so I sat contentedly in the beautiful scenery and wrote  more prose.  We then went to Powys Castle which was breathtaking and an added bonus was that it is a National Trust property so also free for us as members.  I didn't want to leave and really hope we can go back as there was so much more to see such as the Clive museum.  The interior of the castle is fascinating as a peek into it's history from reading about the family members, their interests, their interior design preferences and daily routines.  I was reminded of the magnificent homes I've read about in Victorian literature but this was even more opulent.
After our visit to the house we had some tea and Barabrith (it would be rude not to in Wales surely!) before exploring their amazing grounds which consisted of woodlands, a pond, sculptured beds and terraces.  Within these there are additional quaint buildings, fountains and countless benches to sit and enjoy the view.

I was delighted that my camera decided to work again and allow me some more pictures.  Once again as with the lake, i took many pictures of the castle from several vantage points but this was one of my favourites.

This was our view from the main Castle terrace and the weather defied the forecast and was still and mild.  I have put together a collage of the flowers I took pictures of as there were so many and hopefully one day I will be able to identify them.  They are a mixture of those groomed and pruned at the castle and those growing wild by the lake but all very pretty.

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