Sunday, 7 June 2015

Crafty make

I feel it has been too long since I posted a crafty make so here's what I have been doing this week.
I went to a craft show at the 3 Counties Showground in March with some fellow Mummy friends who are also a little bit crafty.  We took the children so it wasn't the same experience I have had previously but they were very well behaved and had the chance of doing block printing on tea towels.

I bought a sewing kit from a bargain bin for 50p and haven't known what to do with it and last year I bought a mobile, also for 50p in a charity shop and decided to make something using them both.

I began by cutting out the shapes from the fabric. 

I sewed the pieces together wrong sides facing, starting with sewing a birdie to it's breast piece.  I left a small opening and then turned them the right way through, stuffed the birdie and sewed her closed.

I continued sewing the other pieces up although there was only 10g of stuffing provided with the kit so I didn't complete the caravans and houses although I have another idea for those.

 Then it was time for the sparkly things to come out.  Beads, ribbons, buttons and flowers.  Everything to add a little glitter and interest for 2 little girls.

I tried to make each hanging a little different but equally pretty, alternating the lengths so that they would each catch the light and be visible.

I think it is nearly finished, but it will have to wait another week before it takes pride of place in the girl's room.  In as much as I adore old furniture and try to buy second hand when possible, there are also some things that need to be bought new at times.  We have ordered the girls bunk-beds and a wardrobe from Ikea (as well as picture frames!) which will be delivered this week.  I will upload pictures of their finished room and it also means Michael will now have his own room which I am very excited to decorate too.  I hope it wont be long at all before I can be posting images or my new makes for them.


  1. Hi Katie, what a cute mobile! Love the pinks and turquoise. Have a fun day, Sam xx

  2. Thankyou for visiting my blog and complimenting my mobile Sam. My eldest daughter has had her sports day today so yes lots of fun :D
    Really love your blog 'Betty makes' x x

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  6. Sorry that should be 'Betsy makes'- silly predictive txt

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