Thursday, 4 June 2015

Primer paint postponement

Half term over, girls back in school, time to tidy and clean? Of course not. Baby 3 has the pox and it's bad. Really bad actually. The eldest had it when she was 3 and although it was fairly bad, she was okay with it. She passed it onto number 2 who had a total of 10 spots so I wasn't surprised when she caught it again just over 2 weeks ago. These experiences and my own memories from childhood didn't brace me for his immense covering. This isn't a parenting blog though so no more comparisons. This is what I started doing this week before the pox hit.
 It's car boot season again but unfortunately my husband works on Saturdays so I won't be getting to many. He can stop by though en route and did so last week and picked this little letter rack with hooks at the bottom for 50p. I have had the paint since November as I want to paint my dresser but it is quite hard to find the time. This letter rack however was a perfect tester.
 I desperately wanted Annie Sloan paint but I couldn't find a stockist in Malvern or Worcester-at least not in grey so I have bought wilko's own brand. Interestingly B&Q didn't do anything similar.
 I also decided to do this little shelving unit that hubby picked up in a charity shop for £5.
 I bought a primer after the experience of my material cabinet that I painted blue. I was assured by the sales assistant that I didn't need primer but 3 coats later the paint colour still isn't as solid as I'd like, it's more of a gloss finish and now peeling in places :/
 I gave each piece 2 coats of the primer as I'm hoping it means I'll only need 2 coats of the grey and I'm hoping it will have a chalky finish. If all is well then this is the start of many painted cabinets, cupboards etc. What I didn't realise was that the primer needs 3-4 days to harden before you can paint the top coat which means it will be Saturday before I will see the finished product. In the mean time, my 2 magazine subscriptions have arrived which I may get chance to read. Yes that is a little shoe in the picture as I have a little 2year old addition to my side permenantly.  The 'sew' magazine is a 6mth subscription present and I'll try to do a review once I've had a few issues. I like it so far though.

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