Tuesday, 16 June 2015

'Sew' magazine review

I mentioned recently that my parent's bought me a 6mth magazine subscription to 'Sew Magazine' and that I would review it once I had read a few issues. I've read 3 now; January, June and July (all the 'J's) and done a little content analysis.

There are around 100 pages in each issue and of these, approximately 20 pages of adverts, 15 pages of fabric/product recommendations, 14 articles-eg 3 substantial interviews and the several shorter historical or technical pieces, 13 projects, and every issue has a free modern, versatile pattern.  There are always great competitions and giveways; strong sewing bee links, reader response pages and the magazine is packed with hints and tips for better sewing.

There is a very good range of sewing projects including dressmaking, children's clothes/ toys, quilting, embroidery and needlework although the tutorials are mostly instructional in written form rather than illustrative and perhaps more for the intermediate sewer than a total newbie.

Having now had subscriptions to Mollie makes and Prima I admit I was surprised at how I missed the variety of mediums. On occasions where I have read other magazines such as craftseller and craft beautiful I have found them to have more paper craft and jewellery than I am personally interested in for a subscription but good for the odd additional treat. I think it has been interesting to do this review following my own reflections on this blog and again it has illuminated that I am a crafter of several trades but master of none. I really like 'Sew' as it appeals to my strong lead towards sewing but I still enjoy and appreciate crochet, knitting and other crafts which 'Sew' doesn't cover as it's title suggests, it is very focused on sewing. It is definitely one I will buy but perhaps bi-monthly as it is good value for money with interesting projects but for a subscription I want a little bit of everything.

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