Tuesday, 1 October 2013

best made plans....

I have found it quite difficult to manage my time between the regular housework, to creating our new home and then finding time and justifying that time for crafts.  Then, disaster strikes.  I had a very embarrassing and painful incident that I fear will go down in our family history last week when I put my back out getting dressed.  I was in the flat on my own with 2 toddlers and our baby with no phone to hand when my back decided to temporarily stop working causing me to collapse onto the bathroom floor. 1 hour and 40 mins later, 4 paramedics arrived, and with the use of lots of gas and air and a stretcher, I was taken to hospital.  I stayed the night and then returned home to the sad realisation that all my plans are on hold.  I may be able to resume some crafty projects but I cannot attend the sewing course I have registered for or use my sewing machine for a while.  Alas, I am feeling sorry for myself in the sewing regard.  All is not doom and gloom though as there are plenty of other avenues I can pursue including turning my doodles into scrapbook pages and the purchase of a new toy!  I will try to post again soon :D

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