Monday, 16 September 2013


I mentioned in a recent post that I had been doodling more since my sewing machine was still in a box and thought I would share a few of the sketches.  I think with the coloured zentangle stuff will make it into a scrap book with more detailed arty writing of quotes and song lyrics. The black and white pics I am going to scan into the computer and then print them out onto transfer paper to then iron them onto fabric and sew around/ through.  I'm thinking they will be panels on tote bags with appliqué detailing.


 The other thing I have been working on is a dresser I bought from the auction a few weeks back.  It will house lots of my fabrics in the new sewing room and lots of my organisation is on hold until this is completed. It looked awful after it's first coat and I really thought I was making a mistake by painting it but 3 coats on and it is looking promising.


I will upload more pics to chart my progress but I'm off to do some more now!

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