Sunday, 15 September 2013

Birthday season

We have now entered Birthday season in our family beginning with my brother in law on the 3rd, right through to the end with my other brother in law on the 28th.  In between there are 11 others which includes my own, my first born and now the birth of my good friend Becky's new daughter, Olivia.  October brings almost as many which is not only expensive but busy with parties.  Fiona turned 5 this week and is now at big school which has now impacted our day to day routine.  I am a girl who likes routine though and admit I have found our disorganised life of boxes quite challenging so I am looking forward to getting organised... finally.  Birthdays do offer the opportunity to get crafting though so I hope to share some pics of makes soon.  I was asked recently to make some things for a raffle- actually I was given things to 'pretty up' which involved making.  For this, my sewing machine was unpacked- YAY.  I have missed 'Tony'!  It took a little while to get started though as I couldn't find the Bobbin case.  After 1/2 hour, I found it in the last place I looked (Peter Kay says of course it is the last place 'cos you don't keep looking once you find it) which when you see the following pics, I think you will agree, I did well to find at all.

This my daughter's shopping trolley which she fills each day with attractive objects.   This week, her magpie eye spied a shiny silver circle that she then added to her trolley.

Luckily, it is shiny and thus caught my eye in time to make some little toiletry bags.  Take a look at the project 52 page for a full description of the makes and extra pics.  Here's a sneaky peek.

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