Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Big Shot has landed

I hinted in my last post that I had made an exciting new purchase whilst being laid up.  Well it has arrived- yay!  I have been very disciplined and only had a very little play as we have lots going on this week and I must reserve my energy.  To say that my mind is in overload creatively is an understatement!  When I get to grips with it properly, I will post more.  As you will know, I am not really a paper crafter and thus it may come as a surprise to you that I bought one but that is because.... it also CUTS FABRIC!  So for crafting and appliqué, it is amazing.  I'm hoping to do lots and lots more sewing now that we're getting our flat sorted and I have to take it easy due to my back.  It's the perfect excuse.  Double yay! My husband also surprised me with a Singer.  So something old and something new (the big shot is a duck egg Blue, so I just need to borrow something to make it a match made in heaven).  I'm really looking forward to using the singer with the quilting as it is supposed to stitch the wadding to the top layer very very well due to the extra weight behind the stitches.  Without further waffling, I'll upload the pics of my first die cut and re-post soon with my fabric experiments.

The moment of truth

 My first roll of the handle was to emboss (I chickened out of cutting!)   Here are the results!

Now for the big moment- Cutting!  I did scratch the plates first time through so it was a whimper in the moment but then I was keen to do more.  The on-line tutorials had warned me the plates would get scratched which I am pleased I knew in advance as I think I would have been alarmed.  

I chose contrasting colours for the first go- admittedly, I didn't give it a great amount of thought as I was too excited.

The finished piece.  So excited to do hundreds of these so expect to see them on lots of future projects.

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