Friday, 25 October 2013

Imaginary conversations/ posts

I find myself thinking of posts that I think I have made and then realise that I merely thought of them and regretfully did not actually type them.  The last few months have been a whirl where I don't know if I'm coming or going but I can honestly say I am very content and well...Happy.  My back being bad has definitely slowed me down on the unpacking and making a nest instinct, but it has not quenched my thirst for all things crafty.  Ebay has been haunted by my searches for crewel embroidery, patchwork quilts, books, fabric, dies and many many other crafty bits.  So although I have been somewhat laid up, I have been preoccupied with crafty musings and the meaning of life.  This is helped by the visits from family members bearing gifts (in the form of craft magazines).  I also purchased 2 new Cath Kidston books; 'make' and 'stitch'.  I literally cannot wait to start having a go at some of the projects in her books.  I continue to receive Mollie Makes which has not disappointed me and am awaiting a birthday present in the form of a new subscription crafty mag! I am keeping a journal of all the ideas I am getting as I know I will forget them all by the time I get the time to craft after I have caught up on all the unpacking and housework!  I have also been doodling some more and have begun to assemble my very first scrap book which I will share with you very soon.
I have no pics to upload this post but wanted to 'touch base' as I realised that I had only imagined I had written some of the above, albeit in better detail with images, as is always the way when we imagine we have done something which we have not.  I shall endeavour to meet my own expectations better next week as I have been informed of several new followers and I do not want to disappoint my existing faithful readers, or those who are new (welcome).  I feel awfully pretentious talking to you who are mostly good, long-standing friends as 'readers' and am afraid that anyone new will now think Urghhh I'm not reading her blog again.  I shall therefore never mention it again other than to say, 'Thankyou for taking an interest in me and what I'm doing', and I will try to post more regularly.

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