Saturday, 31 October 2015

Ludlow break

My husband decided to arrange a couple of nights away for us both as we haven't had as much time together since starting my new job and chose Ludlow which isn't too far from Malvern.  Here are a few of my favourite pictures from our jaunt.
 A lone acorn still on the tree whilst it's brothers were scattered on the forested floor.
 On the Sunday evening we walked along the river Teme and came to several weirs which created a loud rush of water that could be heard from wherever we were on our walk- very helpful as the night closed in at just 5:30 now that the clocks have gone back.
 The hush at dusk along with the rush of the river really was lovely and tranquil and the exact reason we had come away.

 I have no reservations in saying this is my absolute favourite time of year- the array of colours, hues and shades multiplied with the resulting textures makes simple landscape the perfect muse for many a painting.
 A glimpse of the castle nestled amongst the rust of the trees adds to it's ruined charm.  I especially like the ombre effect that many of the trees have with colours bursting to red at the ends whilst the inner branches are more muted in soft yellows and greens.  The odd evergreen continues to add depth to the warm colour palette.
  Despite the weirs, there were further stretches of the river that were very still and the reflections caught were almost like mirrors.  I took a lot of pictures of trees reflected upon the water but haven't included them all here.

 On the Monday we walked further along the river than the previous night and then visited Ludlow Castle.  Although it is in disrepair, the scale of it and layout really helps to transport you to it's medieval roots.  I could envisage it in it's glory especially when walking along the battlements which is where I took these images.

Back on the ground I took this picture once most of the other visitors had left.  They have a Christmas market here on the 28th and 29th of November which we are hoping to come to.  It is a market which is sympathetic to medieval crafts and crafting techniques and looks enchanting which you can read more about here: ludlow medieval christmas.  I really recommend it as a place to visit and we were spoilt for choice with lovely restaurants too.

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