Saturday, 17 October 2015

Chapel pics

I have been looking at images and artwork to put in my new office and the chapel in school but without much luck.  Pinterest came to the rescue again and I decided to create some of my own.  I bought cheap canvas boards and chalk from 'the works' and went about creating some blending and shading using the pastel shades.

I'd seen a print of a girl with her eyes closed and the 2 Corinthians verse and decided to adapt it to my own taste.  I knew I wanted to use newspaper but it was a piece that definitely evolved as I went along.

The original print had butterflies and dragonflies on it so I decided to include some on mine, again using the newspaper.

With a few extra drawn flowers and the verse written on, it's very nearly finished.

I also saw an idea on pinterest where you paint your canvas with water and place strips of tissue paper in a pattern on and allow to dry.  Then remove them and the colours will have bled into the canvas board- as you can see the pink and orange didn't bleed but blue, yellow and green did creating a lovely backdrop for my next piece.

I decided to create a branch using twine, corrugated cardboard leaves and burlap leaves.  It was still a little dull so I added tissue paper leaves as a last minute touch.

I sketched a bird but decided it would be better raised and so cut out the shape from corrugated card and layered it up with newspaper and tissue paper before drawing a pattern over the top in pen. I cut out the letters from my newspaper to write out the bible verse but felt it was a bit dull so added yellow tissue paper and traced over the letters instead.  I much preferred the extra colour although a little disappointed to miss the green hues.

My 2 pictures still need a few finishing touches but I'm really pleased with them so far and now just need to find a place to hang them.

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