Saturday, 31 October 2015

Mushrooms, giant pumpkins and knitted bargains

I have a few crafty posts pending due to lack of pictures so while I am hesitating to post them, here are a few images of my favourite signs of Autumn; mushrooms! 
I like to get the children out as much as possible in these crisp dry autumn days and walking in the woods or a park is high on the list for things to do.  It is on these trips that we have keep our eyes peeled for signs of Autumn, kicking the leaves, collecting conkers, fir cones and acorns.  We look for the prettiest leaves and create pictures on the floor and sometimes bring them home to stick to large pieces of paper as our Autumn collage.  There's a lovely park in Great Malvern which is where we saw the red and white spotted toadstools shortly after I had fond these jumpers in a charity shop for £1.50 each.  The donor must have also had daughters with a similar age difference but it's very timely as the weather has begun to cool.  They have been wearing them lots since and they have received lots of compliments.
On our way home, we visited Grandad at his allotment where he had just unearthed his huge pumpkins contrasting tiny shallots. 

Our Autumn days have also included Halloween trails at Croome and Worcester woods.  I'm not a fan of Halloween but the trails have kept the children happily entertained on our walks.

Soon it will be Christmas but for now I want to enjoy the Autumn just for it's own mild beauty before the love affair with Christmas begins (next week quite likely).

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