Wednesday, 4 November 2015


This post is a long time coming.  I started this cushion in August and have alluded to it several times in my posts but it has been a project that I have picked up and spent 3 nights on and then not touched for 3 weeks etc.  I finished it several weeks ago but kept forgetting to take and upload pictures but finally, we're here!
I bought the bird and flower fabric off ebay and knew I wanted to do something for our room but I hadn't decided what to do so one night I took it out along with lots of haberdashery bits and began to have a play around with possible layouts and trims.

I began to form an idea of what I wanted but it took me weeks to decide whether this would be a panel on a quilt or a cushion on it's own.  I spent so much time on the little details that I was unsure I could sustain it for a while quilt so decided on a cushion.
I had the peach crochet/ lace doilies from a carboot where there had been about 7 for £2.  The little mint green ones were bought in a charity shop -4 for £1.  The floral fabric with buttons and coordinating ribbons was £2 from the works and the green buttons were also charity shop finds at 4- 50p!  This really was a bargain cushion (my favourite).  I realised as I was doing this cushion, that this is what I love the most with crafting and would happily make this type of upcycled, vintage, shabby chic but eclectic stuff all the time- especially if it had birdies on.
 I decided to make rosette's from the green doilies, layering them with extra lace trim, crochet flowers (also off ebay) with a button in the centre,  I didn't want too many of the same thing so also made a couple of yoyo's with buttons in the middle with quite a contrasting green to add some depth.  I felt it would benefit from more detail so appliqued a bird and a blue flower again adding the blue to vary the colour pallet.  The white lace around the blue flower has been in my stash since I began collecting ribbons and lace and was £4 for 28meters!  It is nearly all gone but has embellished so many of my pieces over the years.

After I had assembled it and was happy it was detailed enough, I began to quilt it and actually filmed a little of the quilting.

 It was nearly all done but I still needed to make the back up and also stumbled upon this gorgeous lap quilt in one of my favourite local charity shops.  There is a lady who regularly crochet's these lap blankets and baby blankets and I often pay a visit and purchase them when friends have baby showers etc.  When I saw this, I knew it would match the cushion and had to buy it!
And here is the finished product in situ.  I really love it and was surprised when my husband said he hated it!  Pah, what does he know.

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