Thursday, 12 November 2015

Kitch and Kaboodle

During the half term I took the children to our local Country Park which is just beautiful at this time of year.  I had promised to do something else but when we couldn't get transport there, I thought I would take them here as a consolation.  There is often a craft activity in their 'sewing room' which is off the café and on this day Kitch and Kabbodle were there.  I'd not seen them before and looked in to see what the craft was.  I'll be totally honest and say I saw masks and glitter and thought how is that £2.50's worth so got a bit closer and realised that the masks were blank and black to begin with but that patterns could be created from scratching off the matt black paint. 

Lydia went with her own design while Fiona copied the example piece. 
  I was transported back to childhood and realised immediately the potential fun the children would get from it.  The girls chose cats and Michael ran off the play in the wooden play café.  He soon returned and wanted to do a mask of his own which inevitably, I ended up doing! 


That is until he saw glitter and sparkly things to stick on and then I wasn't allowed to touch it again.

Fiona went for the less is more look and used a minimal amount of glitter whereas Lydia decided to be generous with her decoration.

 I love the individuality that these masks allow and that they appeal to all ages (including adults!) and they kept the kids occupied for close to an hour.  I would definitely do them again and totally retract that the price was steep as I actually think it is priced perfectly.  Thankyou Kitch and Kaboodle :D

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