Friday, 16 May 2014

If you go down to the woods today....

For Michael’s birthday we held a teddy bear’s picnic in the park.  It was windy and showery weather so not ideal but we had a lovely time nonetheless.  We began by making bear headbands, although I think my niece was the only one to complete hers before the rain began.

We had Pom bear crisps, bear shaped biscuits, gummy bears, lots of fruit and of course sandwiches.  I made a bear cake by baking a chocolate sponge sandwich cake and a bought Swiss roll for his ears and nose.  I then made a cocoa butter cream icing to cover it all and used Minstrels for his eyes.

Food was followed by face painting- very basic but for children 5 and under who don’t know any different, it was fine!  

We read ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ using a large copy I borrowed from the library and then re-enacted it around the park with Daddy posing as our Bear.

When the party was coming to a close, the gift bags were handed out.  They consisted of a teddy bear, some honey cereal in little jars (for the bears of course), some ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ pictures with colouring pencils, and an individual toy based on age of recipient.  They were wrapped in a square of yellow gingham or tartan and attached to a piece of bamboo.

The weather forecast had said that it would rain so I had lots of other activities up my sleeve like pin the bow ties on the teddy bear in addition to the head bands and extra colouring pictures to complete at my sisters house.  Fortunately we didn't need to evacuate from the park though.

 So Michael's first party went 'bear-y' well! Sorry, I couldn't resist :D

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