Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Daphne's Diaryz

Daphne’s Diary was given to me by my sister who had bought it on a whim and knew I’d like it.  It looks like a magazine but feels like a book and on opening it, it reads like a whimsical, indulgent and beautiful insight to a creative and active fellow woman’s mind.

With diary extracts of simple musings of everyday life, articles, reviews, recipes  and lots of varied projects, this is a book-azine apart from the rest.  It is the same price as most other craft magazines but is thicker and printed on a more luxurious paper.

There are very few adverts which add to the feel of a book rather than a  monthly issue.  It appealed to my own sentimentality as it positively reviewed the Southern Irish town of Dingle which I visited as a young tween on my first parent free holiday.  I was with my sister and our aunt, uncle, cousins and their entire marching band and the trip provided fond memories which were rekindled with this review.

 Another article that I enjoyed was on herbs and spices; their monastic history to tips on their use in a modern kitchen and growth in a window box or allotment.
There are recommended projects to do with the free papers and templates like these postcards, gift boxes and feathers.  I have an idea in mind of how I will use them all together in a wreath come dream catcher window decorative display.  Watch this space for how I get on.

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