Sunday, 13 April 2014

UFO's (Unfinished Objects) and a new look

I should perhaps start with the new look to my page.  I have been wanting to change a few things for  a while now like adding links to blogs I'm reading etc but I was worried it would take me a while to get my head around it, when in actual fact, it's very easy!  So other than the new colour scheme there are a few more additions along the left hand side which you may want to peruse at your leisure.
The UFO's have been referred to a few times and I am determined to finish things off.  There is still a list waiting but here are a few pics of things I finally managed to complete.

Waaay back in November 2012, I made a large patchwork quilt which my sister bought.  She had not long had a baby so I decided I would make her a coordinating cot quilt for her daughter.  Fast forward to March 2014, yes nearly 18 months later, I finally completed it.  My niece may not get a lot of use from it, but I hope it will adorn the back of a chair or still lie on the end of her bed for a few more years yet.  I used the same fabrics but made this one more random with different size pieces.  I then used the frill from one of the original sheets of fabric as a trim and quilted through some 2.5 tog batting.  My sister was delighted with it despite the long wait.

In January this year, I saw an idea on Pinterest for a coupon scrap book with I.O.U’s to a loved one for coffee dates etc.  I had received some beautiful textured paper as a Christmas present and decided I would use some to create a scrappy chic coupon book for my mum for mother’s day.  I did all the die cutting and compilation of the pages but it took another 3 months before I sat down to type out the offers- the night before Mother’s Day no less (the night the clocks went Forward- happy Mother’s day huh?!  They wouldn't try and pull that on Father’s day though would they?! Hmphhh)

Anywho, here’s a peek at some of the included pages.  The best part was my mum’s reaction.

 This last project hasn't been too long in the making in terms of when I actually started it but I have wanted to make a wreath for almost 2 years and it has taken me this long to make the dinky one below.  At the Stitch and Crafy show, we discovered a stall with many craft items for £1 or 12 items for £10.  Between my sister, mum and I, 24 items were purchased including these cardboard wreath shapes.  I also acquired purple and pink ink pads for stamping, white card and more cardboard wreaths and bunting shapes.

After a few hours of perusing Pinterest, I had a good idea of what I wanted to do and assembled all the necessary pieces.  I began by wrapping plain cheap string around the circle 2 times.

 I then attached a lace trip around the outer edge with a simple slip stitch.

I had some French lace in an off white colour which I pleated and sewed onto roughly a 6th of the wreath.


 I then began adding other pieces of lace, buttons and butterfly sequins.  I had lots of brooches and other jewellery that I was tempted to add but I decided to stop and try to keep it tasteful although I intend to make another larger one with old jewellery very soon.  here is the finished product although I will re-photograph it when I decide on a home for it.

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