Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Spring in my step

I'm usually an Autumn girl but I am finding this Spring to be beautiful.  Perhaps it is living here in Worcestershire with the Malvern Hills creating the backdrop of our little jaunts that has me eager to be outdoors or perhaps it is that there have been less April showers than our previous North West location.  Either way, here are a few pics which reflect a little of the loveliness I have seen around me.

I went out with the girls and took my camera, pencils, notebooks and a Readers Digest guide to wild flowers and plants.  We stopped to sketch the flowers we saw, took pictures and tried to find them in the book.  They are still quite young at 3 and 5 but it made the park become something more to them than the path to the slides and apparatus.  Lydia now loves to tell me when she sees Daffodils and ' tree Possums' *blossoms.

I have also re-covered my 6 dining chairs as my darling children aren't neat when it comes to eating and cream upholstery  isn't practical.  I will upload pics of my endeavours onto the 'What Katie Did' page which has been neglected for a little while.  Also, I finished my skirt which I shall have to get pics of me wearing it to upload too...this week she says) I will try!

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