Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ooops! Lost in the Ether

My last post was drastically shorter than it was supposed to be.  There was lots more added beyond the pictures but somehow it was lost in the Ether.  I have since tried to find it to no avail so I will try to remember all that I had added.  I shared about how I have had a post Christmas drought Craft Wise and I have noted a pattern over the years that this often happens.  I think it is a mourning period that sadly, Christmas is over.  I have found a remedy I think in scrapbooks!

I started compiling pictures, cards and tags etc. from the girls Christmas’ in order to create a scrapbook but only began this year.  My sister came over with my niece and we had a happy few hours letting the kids do the arranging and sticking of their Christmas memories with some embellishments.  I then went through my boxes of mementos that I had kept of theirs and have added over the last couple of months. 

 I have also fuelled my recovery by picking up some bargains in anticipation of the festivities for 2014.  I bought more stationary for the kids to complete next year during the holidays which may well make their way into their scrapbooks.   I picked up some baking things and this beautiful tea towel which I don't expect will dry any dishes!  I hope to use it as some festive art in the kitchen next year as it ties in with the colours and themes I have been gathering together.

I may have got a little carried away with the extent of my baking equipment but have decided I will have to have a Christmas kids party and I’m sure I will be contributing to PTA events for years to come so an Investment really… honest!

I have been watching the Great British Sewing Bee and have been inspired lots.  It’s always hard to find time for a hobby when you are a mum to little ones and my life is no exception!  I have been slowly making some skirts for myself over the last 2 weeks and have approached them very relaxed i.e.. giving myself 30 mins to cut, press and pin a waistband and then walked away.  Another day I may have just inserted the zip.  It’s not my chosen way of working- I think I would prefer the Sewing bee conditions of the focused beginning to end process but it is just as satisfying now to have nearly finished 2 skirts.  One needs to be hemmed and the other needs a zip.  I don’t feel guilty that I have neglected housework to make something for myself as it hasn't been time consuming or demanding.  I will take some pics of me wearing them when they’re ready!

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