Monday, 15 July 2013

Long time no blog

Apologies for the silence over the last couple of weeks and further apologies as I doubt I will be writing much over the next 2 weeks.  We are due to move next Wednesday from our lovely 1920's 4 bed detached house with double garage and lots of loft space to a 3 bed ground floor flat (without much storage).  It is my family home which I have lived in since I was 6 and bought from my parents 6 years ago.  There has been a LOT of 'stuff' to sort and clear out; mostly ours but also bits from previous occupiers.  My husband did a carboot on Sunday (his first) to help with this clearing and raised a not-too-shabby £72 after his table hire cost was deducted.  We have made several trips to the tip and made donations to charity shops to really trim our belongings but there's still a ways to go.  It's mentally exhausting work to sort through everything and I feel guilty for crafting when there's still so much to do.  However, I have a quilt to finish which was commissioned after a craft fair I did last year which I must finish before we leave.  I also created a little piece in attempt to reduce the bulk of cushion stuffing and old clothes to move which you can see this on the project 52 page very soon.  For now, I will post a few pics of the home we are leaving as soon I will have pictures of our new temporary abode as we begin a different chapter of our life in a different county with new school schedules and terrains to conquer.

I will really miss dressing this fireplace at Christmas!
This is our dining/sewing room.  With only 1 reception room in the new flat, I know I will miss this room the most.  No more entertaining lots of people and I know it will be difficult to get any sewing done!

My sister made the wall hanging as a quilt which I transformed and used as the inspiration for the room.  My little monkeys liked the 3D tree with tactile leaves of suede and felt birdies so much that they pulled them all off.

One of my favourite things about Old houses are the additional spaces such as halls and landings.  New houses don't often have this as they are seen as 'wasted space'.  Fortunately, the new flat has a large hall so I hope to utilise the space creatively.

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