Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Checking in

Well it has been a busy few weeks!  We're in the new house and are making progress in some rooms but it's very slow going in others.  The move itself was kind of disastrous; too much stuff for the 2 vans, stuff left behind in garage and 2 hours late getting out; lazy, pushy removal guy; rehire of a van a few days later; rain rain and more rain; bump to neighbour car by hired van; sore backs all round with numerous bruises, scrapes and stubbed toes to have a grumble about. I would love to say 'never again' but I know that to be a falsehood so I will not be unpacking everything!
My sewing machine is still in a box and shall remain there for a wee while longer me thinks.  I shall upload pics when I have a little more time and keep you abreast of any crafty touches I add to our new abode. We're off to the auction tomorrow to view items for a sale on Thursday so hopefully I will have some pieces to coo over.  If not, I have about 4 pages worth of items on Ebay that I am watching and there's always the carboot so I'm sure there will be something to show you.
I look forward to resuming regular posts and catching up with my project 52 which has gone by the wayside (although I still have 4 projects to upload :s)  Christmas will be upon us soon enough so I will have to start making things to sell at some of the many many fairs they have here.  New home, new plans but same old love for crafts xo

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